The Inkerman Group is proud of the relationships it has built with clients on a consistent basis over the years – relationships which are fundamentally based on mutual trust and respect.

Due to the nature of our work, we cannot disclose details about our specific clients, but they range widely from international businesses with a global presence to private individuals throughout the world, across many industry sectors and with many varying needs. Invariably our clients need to secure their businesses in some way – to guarantee confidentiality, to protect physical and financial assets, its people, and to contain the cost of any malicious damage. However, this needs to be balanced with the commercial imperative and we understand this dilemma – we only recommend security and protection measures that make a positive contribution to the smooth running of our clients’ businesses.

The Inkerman Group provides bespoke, personalised services to its clients; solutions which seek to completely understand the specific, in-depth requirements and to deliver the unique solutions which most closely meet the needs of the business. We create the template around the client.