Travel Safe



The Inkerman Group’s Travel Safe internet based service delivers real-time information and risk assessment throughout the world; a comprehensive service of all travel, risk and business information – accurate, up-to-date and in one place, for companies, organisations and their personnel to be able to access the very latest information at the touch of a button, any time of the day or night. Designed and wholly owned by The Inkerman Group; the on-line service can be branded specifically for companies, if required, and can be viewed either on the Internet via The Inkerman Group portal, or via the company’s own Intranet.

Individual travellers can access the system and can also be sent updated information via SMS, email or phone – so even when travelling, business travellers can be constantly updated on the latest developments in-country.

Continuously and dynamically updated and comprehensive information on a wide range of subjects to ensure that business travellers are fully conversant in all aspects of their travel arrangements, business meetings and valuable information about the locations being travelled to. The Inkerman Group produces regular Kidnap and Ransom Bulletins which can also be dove-tailed into this service.

iTravelSafe can be provided in other languages in addition to English if required.

When used in conjunction with our tracking services, travellers can also be alerted when in an area of immediate threat.

An overview of iTravelSafe:

  • Updated in real-time by our in-house 24/7 experienced joint operations centre team
  • Information and risk assessments available for all countries throughout the world
  • Provides general travel advice, currencies, business protocols, embassy locations and the latest developments in-country
  • Live alerts and updates sent out as they happen
  • Country-specific alerts sent to travellers according to their current destination
  • Receive information via SMS, e-mail or phone
  • Kidnap and Ransom bulletins also available


The Inkerman Group operates its own Joint Operations Centre which is manned 24/7 with experienced and professional staff at all times. All traveller tracking, advice and response is managed and co-ordinated through the Joint Operations Centre; this, together with the Company’s intelligence-led approach to services, forms the base-line support to the full range of operational and travel services provided to clients throughout the world.

A seamless travel advice service linked directly to the travel booking system and which triggers an alert response dependent on the level of risk in the region. This user friendly system can also be utilised by the company’s travel booking agencies and services, especially when certain alert states in countries warrant the travel agents requiring consent by those authorising travel within the client business.  Systems and processes are integrated with existing travel agent booking services, internal client management, HR and security services where required; many of our services with current clients are delivered on this basis.

To read The Inkerman Group’s Travel Safe Services and Duty of Care brochures, please click the images below