Tracking Services


Duty of care and the requirement to be able to manage staff working remotely more efficiently is increasingly important to businesses. In crisis, such as the Volcanic Ash incident in 2010 which effected large parts of Europe, many businesses did not know where key staff were.

The Inkerman Group provides a comprehensive traveller tracking system in real-time, 24/7 throughout the world for clients. Tracka – a location service and management protection system of people and assets is designed specifically to track the whereabouts of individual travellers and assets.


Tracka uses existing mobile devices – any GPS enabled Blackberry, or  Windows mobile 5 or 6 Smartphone with GPS capability with easy to download software, all of which can be done remotely with individual assistance from our Tracka team.


Managed by The Inkerman Group and supported by its Joint Operations Centre 24/7, monitored and tracked in real-time with qualified teams ready to give advice and respond to any emergency.


Whether for business or private usage, the system reflects your specific needs and can be adapted to deliver the level of cover you need throughout the world.

The tracking system is managed entirely by The Inkerman Group in the Joint Operations Centre 24/7, tailor-made for specific client requirements and is available through various platforms and devices, including mobile phones and globally for Blackberry 8800.  Reports can be generated as frequently as required to outline the movements tracked.

Important features of the system include:

Live Location Requests – requests a live location of one or all devices/employees on the system;

  • Geofence zones – allows geographical areas to be “fenced” so that if those being tracked leave the designated area, it alerts the system, mapping and locating the individuals in real-time;
  • In incident areas, it is possible to ring-fence a geographical area and identify all employees within that specific area, e.g. the Mumbai terror attacks in November 2008;
  • The platform can also be set up with schedules to perform regular checks on devices;
  • Mapping – Street level mapping is available for all platforms;
  • Overlay with Google Earth enables extremely accurate locator detailed information;
  • Manual and automatic panic alarms;
  • Normal accuracy down to 3-10 metres worldwide dependent on satellite coverage;
  • Speed and direction of travel;
  • Can contain personnel data that allows any operations centre to readily identify the person to the  alarm should it be triggered;
  • Can be used by all staff and their families if deemed necessary;
  • The system can be used on BlackBerries and other GPS enhanced communication devices.