Fraud Investigation



There is no doubt that a skilled fraudster can find a financial weakness if it is there to be exploited.

Trained and professionally qualified investigators at The Inkerman Group work extensively with clients throughout the world, investigating, highlighting the risks in financial security or accounting systems, and identifying the perpetrators. Whether the cause of fraud is personal or corporate blackmail or straightforward theft, and regardless of the size and impact of the investigation, The Inkerman Group is able to operate at international and local levels and to evidential standard of proof.


The Inkerman Group works with clients to evaluate existing internal procedures including customer ID, record-keeping methods and identify ways in which suspicious transactions may occur. Full reports and recommendations will be given to improve current methods and to protect against potential future risks.


There is an ongoing requirement to continually review and improve policies, procedures and compliance throughout your business as those committing fraud become increasingly sophisticated in their methods and techniques. The Inkerman Group can conduct a full review and write company fraud policies, bespoke to your organisation.