Asset Protection and Asset Tracing



Where a company’s corporate assets have not been adequately protected, the impact on a business can be extremely rapid, whether this is a criminal aspect, a financial impact or resulting brand or reputational company damage – the media impact is quick and, in many respects, uncontrollable – that’s why our emphasis at The Inkerman Group is to concentrate on delivering preventative measures to clients, whilst able to deliver the contingency actions should such events occur.

Have you considered the risk your business faces in the event of key business asset loss?

Have you developed protective procedures around your key corporate assets?

Does your business have a contingency plan for the replacement or management of any losses?

Are you meeting your legislative and insurer’s requirements?

The Inkerman Group has been developing asset protection programmes for many years, assisting and working with clients in multiple business sectors and utilising highly experienced and focused personnel with initiatives which have addressed the need to protect corporate assets such as:

•           Premises

•           Company sites and locations

•           Personnel

•           Brand and reputation

•           Corporate finances

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Many people leave their homes and workplace with debts amounting to thousands of pounds; these individuals then ‘go underground,’ evading payment and any contact with our clients. At The Inkerman Group, our specialists are able to trace debtors across the globe who have left companies and people with bills and debts they think they cannot claim back. We have a specialist team of investigators who have and consistently achieved excellent success rates in the industry for locating individuals.

As part of the process, the confirmation of their identity, financial status and determining assets, hidden or real wealth, is critical; our investigators are, therefore, skilled and experienced in the investigation of :

  • UK property
  • Offshore assets and property
  • Investments, including shares and bonds
  • Banking – in the UK and offshore in other European countries and globally
  • Trusts
  • Directorships
  • Assets hidden by ownership (by connected individuals companies and organisations).

Our experience also includes working with law firms, insolvency practitioners and private clients on complex asset tracing enquiries.

In addition, we have significant expertise in tracing people. There are many circumstances in which our investigators are instructed to trace, with the common thread being a need to definitively locate a person, and quickly.