Risk Assessments


To identify and deal with any potential security risks within your business, it is critical first to know and understand all the issues involved – a risk assessment needs to be conducted, which will develop an understanding of the threats and risks specific to your organisation.

The Inkerman Group’s qualified team will conduct a full initial assessment, and work with you to identify the issues, and to implement solutions, as well as providing an ongoing evaluation and review.

During this process The Inkerman Group comprehensively reviews the business environment in which clients operate. Our highly qualified and experienced in-house teams have specialist knowledge across a wide range of issues including fraud, business traveller safety, event security, terrorism, pandemic, kidnap, extortion and all types of protest and extremism.

By conducting this level of business risk assessment, The Inkerman Group works to help clients understand the organisation’s vulnerabilities across the spectrum of its business interest, addressing both the tangible and less tangible aspects.