Due Diligence


Intelligence for all levels of due diligence, including Mergers and Acquisitions, The Inkerman Group has a global capability in this area. We examine the business interests, commercial track records and reputation issues of potential business partners on behalf of clients and produce comprehensive reports.

The Inkerman Group has a proven track record in this area, producing in-depth reports linked to individuals, groups and companies, throughout the World, covering all aspects, and utilising all available methods of investigation and intelligence. The Company has resources on a World-wide basis which it calls upon for this purpose.

Tailored to specific client requirements, an examination of business interests, commercial track records and reputation of potential business partners helps clients ensure they have the critical, deal-related intelligence and the operational knowledge they need to secure security for their businesses and to  maximise returns.

We currently assist clients with due diligence in a number of areas including

  • Business sales and purchases
  • Investments
  • Business expansion
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Employment of senior executives

Our specialist teams utilise multiple sources, including open source material, databases, non-standard sources and, if necessary, human source due diligence via our international network of trusted sources. Discretion is key – our teams are experienced, highly trained and work with the highest levels of discretion at all times.