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Middle East & North Africa Security concerns in The Middle East & North Africa
Risk, Security & Intelligence Risk, Security & Intelligence

The Inkerman Group is an international business risk and intelligence company, working throughout the world to identify and monitor the risks, threats and vulnerabilities facing businesses today, and delivering solutions that counter or mitigate them.

The Group’s expertise covers all aspects of risk, intelligence, travel safety, protection and security, and it provides pre-emptive advice and support to clients, companies and organisations throughout the world.

Intelligence, Protection and Investigations forms The Inkerman Group’s core business, which encompasses the full range of services including:

Travel Safe

Personal Protection

Tracking Solutions

Kidnap & Ransom Response

Pre-employment Screening, Vetting and DBS checks

Crisis Management

Specialist Event and Static Security and Specialist Security Guarding

Specialist Investigations

In-country Intelligence

Specialist Publications



All services are backed-up by real-time, 24/7 Operations Centre and a team of intelligence analysts.

The Inkerman Group is a Signatory Company of the International Code of Conduct (ICoC) for Private Security Service Providers.



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